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My 2018 Birthday Wishes

By Yasmin C, May 26 2018 01:15AM

Happy Birthday to ME!

And with my new website almost finished - ta-dah www.yasminchoudhury.com here I come!

I found these old photos of me - and always with my beloved father, whom I cannot wait to tell you about.

I am reminded how far I have come from living atop a curry house in SW London. From racism, seeing violence in my ghettoised community to finding my greatest love is for UK and my heritage nation of Bangladesh, where its people and culture gave me respite and taught me to find my creative risk prone self.

And having gone to an inner London comprehensive and graduated I realised this.

Life is so hard and at that age I had no idea how transformed my life would be - as I learnt to love and lose and also see how trust and greed can change people - and why today am so excited to kickstart all the philanthropic initiatives listed in my website - from Lovedesh to Amcariza to S|HE Stands (more to follow) as well as my one woman shows I am slowly planning to take around the UK. To share the highs and lows of what I saw and experienced, as I researched my ideas as a lone mother who was disallusioned with Corporate City life and my confirmity led life.

You need as many loved ones around you to protect you from those who will exploit or take advantage - and that this can include your own.

That when you suffer you also can use this experience to find compassion for others living in pain who I found l have more in common with than those you first started out in life with.

So am very pleased on my brithday to give a shout out to these amazing ladies that are doing amazing things to change society, champion the vulnerable who I am very pleased to count as friends whose own determination has struck a chord with my own desperation for change.

Anna Rowe founder of the Catch The Catfish campaign

Afshana Laschaux who is fighting for the return of her son 'Bring Louis Home'

Caitlin Spencer, author of bestseller "Please Let Me Go" and a survivor of sex trafficking in the U.K.

Ruby Zaidi a woman and single mother writing and tweeting on the life she left as an abused wife

Nina Mrs Mummy who does so much work on abuse

Dream big - but also live and love. And I, as a a woman, who is a single mother of a soon to be 17 year old whom I raised singlehandedly - I now resume my attention to protecting our daughters and the hardest hit who are poor, lacking opportunites due to inequality - and how we combat the injustices they often face.

I am so looking forward to turning 50 in two years time. So I can say I delivered my life's ambition to make a difference. After all the tears I cried for the hardships I suffered in my own life due to actions of other people and the doors, I found that got closed to us women who are talented but get stuck after having had a child - yet this pain is what destiny and life is about. And if I can help more handle the pain and share some of the wisdom learnt on the path less travelled and the conflict that came with it which I often had to stomach and survive - I will feel something came of it all.

Everythng in my life is now wrought out of steely deterimination not to let anyone or anything bad define me - and now I have turned 48, I cannot wait to take more risks in my life where I raise every paused dream from the ashes to deliver and fly these on and out before i turn 50.

Next time I post, I will be writing about my deep sadness about the poster you see below and the girl's essay wriitng competition I was in midst of running in Bangladesh, which I plan to deliver in Autumn 2018.

Gaas Bari Amcariza Essay Competition
Gaas Bari Amcariza Essay Competition

Yasmin C x

(#MsYiY - Miss Yasmin Is Yasmin)


insta: Msyiy

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